The Max Gruber Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1983 by the late Professor Max Gruber and his wife Suzanne Gruber-Heinemann. Its major goal is to promote and support activities related to the advancement of research in biochemistry and cell biology at the University of Groningen.

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Max Gruber Lecturers

2013: Bernd Bukau

Zentrum fur Molekulare Biologie der Universität Heidelberg (ZMBH)

Cellular strategies for coping with protein aggregation

2012: William T. Wickner

Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH, USA

Studying membrane fusion with yeast vacuoles: 5 lipids, 4 SNAREs, 3 chaperones, 2 nucleotides and a...

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Max Gruber Prize 2012

The winners of the Max Gruber Prize 2012 are:

  • Dr. G.B. Erkens
  • Dr. H.R. Bouma

The next Max Gruber Prize will be awarded in 2014.

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University of Groningen

The Max Gruber Foundation, established by Prof. Max Gruber and his wife, will be supported by the Department of  Biochemistry of the University of Groningen.

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Max Gruber

Best known for

In 1956 Max Gruber was appointed as professor of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Groningen, and established the Laboratory of Biochemistry. His research was focused on the structure of proteins, protein degradation in the lysosomes, and the biosynthesis of RNA and proteins.

Name: Max Gruber
Occupation: Biochemistry Professor
Birth Date: November 9, 1921
Deceased: November 12, 1990
Place of Birth: Dresden, Germany

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